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Smart Saver


Smart Saver Account..........key features;

- No minimum deposit balance required.
- Available open account only through online banking.
- Access your “Smart Saver” account anytime. Interest is settled on the first day of the following month with total principle reinvested into the same account at same day.
- Smart Saver is designed to encourage saving – so if you make a withdrawal you won't earn interest for that month. The interest of “Smart Saver” accounts is higher than Normal Deposit accounts. For current rates, click here, fees and charges click here

Smart Saver Accounts have other benefits too! - contact the branch today to learn more!


The bank deducts IRD Withholding Tax at the tax rate you declare. If you didn’t inform ICBC NZ of your tax rate, ICBC NZ will deduct your tax at the highest IRD tax rate.


If you have any questions, please call or visit us at the address or number below.


ICBC NZ Branch Contact
Branch address:2 Queen Street, Auckland City, New Zealand
Phone number:+64 9 374 7266
Opening hours:Mon to Fri 9:00 - 16:00 (close on weekends and public holidays)


This information is for your reference only and is subject to the bank’s Terms and Conditions  click here.