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Loans & Finance


We are committed to providing a diversified range of financing solutions to local businesses in New Zealand. Our corporate loan and financing services cover the major industries in New Zealand, including:


  • Commercial Investment Property

  • Development Loans

  • Healthcare and Aged Care Services

  • Education

  • Forestry

  • Government Agencies and Infrastructure

  • Manufacturing

  • Wholesale Trade

  • Aviation and Road Transport

  • Information Technology and Telecommunications

  • Sewage and Waste Management

Renewable Energy Production and Sales


Our professional lending team provides diversified and tailored financing solutions to businesses to meet their funding requirements, such as working capital, import and export trade, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, project financing, and more. Our primary lending products include:

 Working Capital Loans

Trade Finance products 

 Mergers & Acquisition Loans 

Project Finance 

Property Finance 

Syndication Finance 

Eligibility Criteria

Borrowers must be legally established in New Zealand, operating in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations, capable of operating as a going concern, and have adequate sources for debt servicing. The creditworthiness of the business, and its directors, major shareholders, authorized signatories and ultimate beneficial owners must be good and meet the banks other requirements.

If you have specific financing requirement, please contact our Corporate & Institutional Banking Department to discuss.

Contact Information

Corporate & Institutional Banking Department

Jack Lu

+64 9 374 7295

Karen Lu

+64 9 374 7733

Kevin Xu

+64 9 374 7280


The content on this page is for reference only. Specific products or service are subject to ICBC New Zealand's terms and conditions. Please consult our Corporate & Institutional Banking Department for more information.