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Loans & Finance


We endeavour to offer tailored financing solutions to New Zealand enterprises. Our extensive range of products are designed to meet different customer needs. The main types of corporate financing products we offer include:

 Working Capital Loans

Trade Finance products 

 M&A Loans 

Project Finance 

Property Finance 

Syndication Finance 

Our team of experts understands the New Zealand market and the main industries. Our financing services now have covered the following industries:

  • Commercial Properties

  • Health and Aged-care Services

  • Education

  • Agriculture and Forestry

  • Government Entities and Infrastructures

  • Manufacturing

  • Wholesale and Retail Trade

  • Air and Road Transport Services

  • Information Media and Telecommunications

  • Renewable Energy Generation and Retail

    Call us today to speak with one of our specialists:

Jack Lu

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Karen Lu

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Kevin Xu

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