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Corporate Account


To help realise your business aspirations, we offer essential day-to-day Corporate Transaction Account and Term Deposit facilities for our Corporate customers. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Limited has footprints in over forty countries and regions, and our exclusive customers can leverage off this global exposure to expand their international & bilateral businesses by opting to transact in any of our six foreign currency accounts (NZD, AUD, USD, CNH, EUR, HKD) presently on offer.


We are offering favorable accounts fees and charges for Corporate Transaction Account. Currently there is no monthly administration fees (excluding Corporate Savings Account), nor requirement of minimum account balance (until further notice). Our Corporate Transaction Account offers reliable domestic & international remittance services. For information on Corporate Savings Account, please contact us directly.

For limited liability companies incorporated in New Zealand, either private or public, the following documents are required in general in order to open a Corporate Transaction Account with us:

1. Completed Corporate Account Application Form;

2. Evidence for registration, including information for director(s) and shareholder(s);

3. Verification of identity and residential address for the following people:

l all directors;

l shareholders with no less than 25% aggregate shareholdings in the company; and

l all authorised account signatories.

4. Ownership structure chart;

5.A formal letter describing the core business activity, a diagram of the organisation internal structure

  and the purpose(s) of account opening;

6. The company tax rate approved by IRD (should the applicable tax rate be non-standard); and

7. Evidence for Source of Wealth and Source of Fund.

We also offer Corporate Transaction Account to limited partnerships, trust, co-operatives and government entities. Please contact us for more information.

 Please note we require that:

a) All submitted information must be consistent with your company registration;
b) Where different corporate structures co-exist in one entity, all relevant account opening requirements to apply to all such structures; and

c) All signatures and original documents must to be sighted via an on-site interview. We may accept certified documents under certain conditions but please inquire with us in advance us for more information.

Please read through our Terms and Conditions before lodging your application. The Terms and Conditions are updated from time-to-time, please refer here to read the Terms and Conditions For more information feel free to contact us at

Disclaimer: The above information is provided for reference only, and we recommend you to contact us first before lodging any application. All rights reserved.