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Trade Finance

ICBC New Zealand is a wholly owned subsidiary of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC China). The largest state owned Chinese Bank with a global network covering 47 countries and regions across Europe, America, Asia-pacific and Africa.  With the support of the ICBC global network we can tailor-make trade solutions to support our clients’ global business developments.

ICBC New Zealand Trade Finance solutions cover from the realm of Letter of Credit.("L/C"), Collection to Bank Guarantee. Our main products and services are as follows:


☆ Export Trade Finance:

- Export L/C advising, including its amendment
- L/C Documents Handling
- LC Negotiation/ Discounting
- L/C confirmation (independent undertaking)
- Financing under confirmed L/Cs
- Transfer of Export L/Cs and LC documents handling
- Outward documentary collection: D/P and D/A
- Export Purchase Order/ Export Invoice Financing
☆ Import Trade Finance:

- Import L/C issuance, amendment and acceptance.
- Import L/C Document Handling
- Import L/C bills financing
- Inward documentary collection: D/P and D/A

☆ Guarantee and Standby L/C:

Our Trade Finance team also provide Guarantee/Standby L/C  to our customers. Types of Guarantee  include but not limited to Performance Guarantee, Advance Payment Guarantee, Bid Bond, Leasing Guarantee, etc.

☆ Our special products and services:

1.Import and export L/C in CNY as denominated currency
2.Dual currency L/Cs: Allow your Chinese trade partners to issue L/Cs in CNY, but you still receive the L/Cs in USD, NZD or any other currency of your choice.
3. Cross-border Document Presentation under Export L/C: you may present L/C documents through any of your preferred ICBC branches in mainland China, while the payment received under the L/C will be credited to your account with ICBC New Zealand.
4. Guarantee Reissueance to New Zealand beneficiary against counter guarantee from ICBC China.

☆ Advantages on our Trade Finance services:

1.Advantage on funding the L/Cs issued by Tier 2 and Tier 3 regional small Chinese banks.
2.Great convenience in communication:Provides multi-language service in Chinese and English and able to communicate with China domestic banks efficiently.
3.Free of charge pre-checking of L/C documents to rectify discrepancies prior to presentation of original documents to issuing bank.
4.Highly efficient documents processing team providing 24-hour service.
5.Competitive pricing, especially L/Cs issued by ICBC China.
6.Global network connecting you easily to your trade partners in Europe, America, Asia-Pacific and Africa.

☆ Contacts:

For further information, please contact: 

09 3747246
09 3747299

This information is for your reference only. It’s subject to the provisions of ICBC New Zealand’s working procedures and subsequent changes. For your convenience, please contact us by phone for more information prior to visiting our Branch.