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Dual Currency Credit Card

Regularly travel and need a convenient and efficient dual currency credit card?
With our Unionpay Dual Currency Credit Card you could enjoy the convenience of doing cross-boarder card transactions supported by our extensive banking services across New Zealand and China. Widely accepted across China with our extensive ICBC and UnionPay’s networks,  features include;

Repayment option. When you sign up to the Credit Card Automatic Repayment Agreement, ICBC New Zealand will automatically deduct the amount from your NZD transaction account to repay your credit card account. If you have a CNY outstanding amount to pay, ICBC New Zealand will automatically deduct the equivalent amount from your NZD account at the rate prevailing at time of processing.

ICBC NZ Unionpay Dual Currency Credit Card holders can enjoy from 25 to 56 days interest free period on your purchases.

Convenience. Our Unionpay Dual Currency Credit Card can be linked to both NZD and CNY currency accounts under one card. When you conduct EFTPOS transaction or withdraw cash from ATMs in New Zealand, your NZD account is debited automatically. When you conduct EFTPOS transaction or withdraw cash from ATMs in China, your CNY account is debited automatically.

Safety. Eliminates the worry of carrying cash and leave you free to enjoy your purchases.

Services in Chinese. ICBC NZ provides services in both Chinese and English.,

Global use Accepted on all ATMs and POS with UnionPay logo in other countries outside of New Zealand and China. Use it to obtain your account balance, withdraw cash, or conduct ATM/POS transactions. Your transaction may be automatically debited by converting to NZD at the prevailing rate along with charges applied by the ATM and POS providers and the bank.

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To apply for our ICBC Union Pay Dual Currency Credit Card, you need to have an account with ICBC NZ. Please bring your ID or passport as well as a proof of address to our branch in Auckland. Your Chinese ID / tax number is also needed if you are a Chinese or overseas resident. Other employment and income details are also required. In the first instance please call the branch below and confirm exactly what other documents you will need and you should.If you are a student please provide your enrollment certificate or valid student card.

Branch address:Ground Floor, 2 Queen Street, Auckland CBD,New Zealand
Phone number:0064 9 374 7266
Opening hours:Mon to Fri 9:00 - 16:00 (close on weekends and public holidays)

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