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Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Day notice

Dear Customers,

The New Zealand Government has announced that the country will mark the passing of Queen Elizabeth II with a one-off national public holiday on 26th September. ICBC will also be closing its Branch at No. 2 Queen Street, Auckland CBD on that day.

You can still utilise the Online Banking / Mobile Banking, the local NZD payment system will be operating as usual. For urgent assistance, please reach us by phone 0800 995 588 (24h) or by email
在此期间您可以使用我行网上银行或手机银行服务,新西兰元本地转账业务正常运营。如您需要紧急帮助可拨打电话0800 995 588(24小时服务)或邮件至咨询。

Best Regards
22nd September 2022