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ICBC Remains No.1 among the Top 1000 World Banks for the Ninth Consecutive Year

On June 28, 2021, The Banker, a UK-based magazine, announced its Top 1000 World Banks for 2021. With solid strength in tier 1 capital, etc., ICBC was ranked the first place for the ninth consecutive year, showing that ICBC has further improved its international influence and market competitiveness by serving the real economy further, accelerating business transformation and effectively controlling risks.

The Banker noted that, China’s leading banks, through continuous growth in tier 1 capital in the extremely challenging year to the global banking sector, expanded their leading advantages across the globe, consolidated their asset bases, and maintained profit growth, showing excellent resilience in the predicaments such as the COVID-19 pandemic. According to its statistics, 144 Chinese banks appeared on the list of Top 1000 World Banks for 2021. Their aggregate tier 1 capital hit USD2.96 trillion, reflecting remarkable achievements that the Chinese banking sector has made in its reform and development and risk control.

Since 2020, ICBC has advanced pandemic prevention & control, financial services, risk control, reform & transformation and other undertakings in a coordinated manner. ICBC has maintained steady progress, leading the global banking sector in business performance, asset quality, brand value, etc.

The Banker has released the list of Top 1000 World Banks annually since 1970, which ranks global banks by tier 1 capital, a key measure of banking strength, to show the changes in the strength of global banks. ICBC has been leading the list since 2013.