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A home loan for you......
We provide personal home loan services to assist our customers in purchasing their own New Zealand home. We can offer different types of loans dependent upon your specific needs. All loans are subject to our lending criteria, including minimum deposit requirements, term, fees, break costs and risk premiums (where applicable) and changes in your circumstances during the loan period. Interest rates are subject to change. Establishment fees may apply. Home loans are not available for business purposes.

For rates, fees, specials and charges click here.

Home loan types include;

Floating rate: offers flexibility with the ability, as your circumstances change, to make lump sum payments in excess of your scheduled payments, without penalty. Floating rate loans are subject to market movement meaning your actual rate may go down or up as conditions change.

Fixed rate: offers the benefit of certainty of your repayments for the agreed period and payment schedule of the loan (eg weekly, fortnightly, monthly or for periods from 6 months to 5 years). 

To get an indication of your likely repayments on your estimated borrowing, click here ( ICBC is not in any way affiliated with this site of the agency and does not accept any liability for any loss, damage, errors, omissions or inaccuracies.)

You can enjoy the convenience of Chinese language services in ICBC New Zealand, to avoid the inconvenience of foreign language or cultural differences.

For further details of how we can help you with your home purchase including what you need to provide us to process an application, please contact us at the address or telephone number below. For our Terms and Condition, click here.

Prior to signing any loan documentation, you should seek independent legal advice. 

Home Loan Interest Rates

ICBC New Zealand Published Mortgage Rates p.a.
Effective from 9th December 2022
Standard Rate
6 months
12 months
18 months
2 years
3 years
4 years
5 years


ICBC New Zealand Published Mortgage Rates p.a.
Effective from 9th December 2022
Standard Rate


 * Our Home loan standard interest rates are subject to change and additional risk premiums may be added based on credit assessment conditions. Please refer to fees and charges for more details click here.


 Contacts  Phone  Email
 Ethan Da  09 374 7263
 Star Ji  09 374 7291
 Angela Li   09 374 7292
 Steven Ma  09 374 7725 
 Yin Miao   09 374 7728

ICBC NZ Branch Contact
Branch address:2 Queen Street, Auckland City, New Zealand
Phone number:+64 9 374 7266
Opening hours:Mon to Fri 9:00 - 16:00 (close on weekends and public holidays)

This information is for your reference only. It’s subject to the provisions of ICBC New Zealand’s working procedures and subsequent changes. For your convenience, please contact us by phone for more information prior to visiting our Branch.