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Account Management Service

Information collection
According to related annuity plan and customer’s actual situations, a scientific information collection plan has been formulated to complete information collection and historical information import in an orderly and efficient manner, and realize the consolidation and standardized management of new and old accounts.

Account opening
An corporate annuity fund account has been opened for enterprises and each employee. By use of a complete account structure, detailed records on source of each fund transaction, taxation, investment and other information elements can be maintained. Besides, annuity assets can be flexibly managed through customized account settings.

Daily management
Payment of fees: Calculate the payment amount and notify related enterprise to prepare for payment; record fees in relevant corporate account and personal account, and ensure that the account record is consistent with the fact; automatic calculation, batch import, special payment and other payment methods are supported.
Investment management: Record the investment portfolio information of enterprises and individuals in details, and provide flexible portfolio options and conversions.
Income distribution: According to the contract, distribute the investment income from corporate annuity fund to individual accounts and corporate accounts on time.
Payment and transfer: When any employee meets payment conditions, calculate and record the equity ownership of the part paid by enterprise, calculate the payment amount and provide written confirmation, and make payment pursuant to the payment period and method chosen by the client. When any employee is transferred, calculate the equity ownership and perform account transfer.

Property check
Payment data and changes in the properties of corporate annuity fund account are regularly checked with the custodian, and the check results are timely submitted to the custodian.

Report management
The corporate annuity fund account management report (including various statements), which are customized as required, is provided according to the contract. The corporate annuity fund account management report is also regularly submitted to the trustee and relevant regulatory authorities.

Information inquiry
Enterprises and their employees are provided with multi-channel and full-range annuity information search services according to the contract. Anyone can find suitable information inquiry methods, including: 
“ICBC e-Pension”, a customer-dedicated service platform: Each branch/subsidiary of an enterprise can operate the system by itself, including the input and review of annuity information, submission of business processing application, step-by-step approval, and query of processing results, which enhances the control of account information by the enterprise.
Internet banking: Employees can inquire their annuity account information at any time (7×24 hours) through online banking system; and they can be authorized to edit non-equity basic information by themselves in the online banking system.
Portal website: Employees can inquire their annuity account information directly with their ID card, mobile phone number and name on the ICBC website, without having to log into the online banking system.
Telephone banking: Employees can inquire their annuity account information at any time (7×24 hours) through the ICBC Customer Service Hotline “95588”.
Mobile banking: Employees can independently inquiry related account management information concerning annuity.
ICBC-link APP: An enterprise can provide tailor-made services for its employees. And ICBC pushes employee annuity account information on a monthly basis.
Self-service banking: Annuity inquiry services are provided through ATMs and multimedia self-service terminals.
Outlet service: Full-time customer managers provide a series of services such as corporate annuity consulting, inquiry and collection.
Regular mail service: Bank statements, customized reports and annuity information are provided on a regular basis.

Archives management
Annuity fund account management archives shall be kept for at least 15 years from the date of contract termination.